The typical school fiscal year ends on June 30 and begins on the 1st of July. In many instances and for assorted reasons, school administrators find themselves in a “use it or lose it” situation with budgeted dollars being unspent. As such, often the review process and approval for departmental requests tend to move quickly to meet the deadline.

Historically, schools and districts use end-of-year surplus monies for software and technology purchases. If a modern language lab teaching application has been on the “wish list” for your world languages program, now may be an ideal time to request funding to accelerate communication-focused learning. A language teaching application like LIVE Language Lab On-Demand is not out of reach.

Being a browser-based application, LIVE is shareable and useable in many of your language classes with easy access by students and teachers using Chromebooks, Windows PCs, or Mac OS devices. Teachers embrace the ease of being able to partner and group students for ongoing speaking practice under their guidance in any classroom or anywhere with LIVE.


With any request for technology, it’s imperative that administrators and those with purchasing responsibility understand how the application will make a positive impact on learning.  In the case of LIVE language lab technology, the position statement on the role of technology in language learning put forth by ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language) is a good place to start.

A few suggestions based on the teaching tools in LIVE Language Lab On-Demand:

  • Facilitate partner & group speaking activities to develop target language communication skills.
  • Prep students for standardized oral exams and build confidence for better outcomes.
  • Monitor student progress and provide real-time formative feedback.
  • Easily manage the collection of student work for review and assessment from anywhere.
  • Ensure continued language learning, in any model that may be necessary, to mitigate any potential for learning loss.

This short video commentary from Ms. Lane Guzman, who teaches Spanish at Jefferson High School in GA, is a good resource to show your administration how our language lab technology is being used beneficially in communication-focused classes.

Download a brief overview of the tools in LIVE Language Lab On-Demand to include with your request for funding. It will give decision-makers at your school/district a succinct summary of the teaching tools and how they align with your curriculum goals.


If you need any assistance in formulating a request with justification, cost, and payment options for the SANS LIVE Language Lab teaching application, we are here to help.

Other schools that we are working with have already taken advantage of this “use it or lose it” funding. Please reach out to us at or call anytime – 877-285-7729 to learn more.

Interaction with a language educator is critical to building spontaneous interpersonal skills needed for real-world communication.
                   ACTFL – The Role of Technology in Language Learning

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