You may be hearing and seeing a lot about LIVE Language Lab On-Demand thru social media, language teaching events, and word of mouth from colleagues. But what is it exactly and how can it help you teach more efficiently?

LIVE Language Lab is a browser-based language teaching & learning application, with productivity tools to help teachers guide and engage their students in communication-driven language classes.

With LIVE, teachers and students just log in and get to work. Students have more opportunities for speaking practice in every class. Here’s a snapshot of the benefits of LIVE Language Lab On-Demand to help you see how easy it is to integrate into your curriculum.

  • Use the LIVE Language Lab application to teach any language.
  • Adapt LIVE to any learning model – in-person, remote, hybrid classes.
  • Access LIVE from a web browser; simple login for teachers and students.
  • Use LIVE with Chromebooks – PCs – MACs
  • Unlike a traditional language lab, LIVE does not require a dedicated room or space.
  • Use LIVE to teach interactive synchronous classes and additional independent learning.
  • Everyone communicates – teacher-entire class; teacher-individual student; student-student partners/groups; model student-entire class.
  • Maximize time with a one-click setup of student partners/groups for interpersonal speaking activities & collaborative learning.
  • Develop open-ended speaking practice using authentic audio, video, text, or voice prompts.
  • Quickly gauge individual student and overall class progress with real-time monitoring.
  • Save & collect student recordings for review and assessment in one easy step.
  • In-the-moment corrective feedback to help students move forward, self-reflect, and build confidence.
  • Facilitate NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational communication goals.
  • Prepare students for oral language exams and administer testing using LIVE Language Lab tools.
  • Schools are acquiring LIVE Language Lab with ESSER federal funding for instructional technology. Check with your school principal or district administrator about available funds.

Now that you’ve gotten the skinny, let us know if you are ready to see it “LIVE”. E-mail us now at

  • ESSER Federal Funding for Instructional Technology including Language Labs

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