We are incredibly pleased to announce that our company has reached an exciting milestone.

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary!

June 2003.

Twenty years ago this month, we started SANS Inc. with a resolute team of experienced professionals, some of whom are still part of our company today.  Our goal was to provide the best possible language lab technology to serve the pedagogical needs of world language educators and their students, and we have.  Our technologies have evolved over the years to align with how technology has become ubiquitous in education and everyday life.

Our technology today.

We are immensely proud of our most recent browser-based, language lab teaching application, LIVE Language Lab On-Demand. It has taken away the necessity of a physical space for a “language lab” and made it “anywhere you teach.”  LIVE works very well in 1:1 programs using Chromebooks, PCs, and MAC OS devices.  It has made synchronous language classes interactive in any learning model — in school, at home, or hybrid.

A note of thanks.

We are so grateful to our clients and customers. We thank all the language educators who over the years have trusted us to assist them in facilitating language learning and engaging their students with the help of our language lab technologies. We continue to listen to your feedback and teaching needs as we move forward with new product development. Our success story remains incomplete without you.

Ron Remschel, President, SANS Inc.

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