“Speaking is the most difficult thing to assess during class. The lab platform helps students with speaking skills and helps teachers in assessing them.”

World Language Teacher – CT

“Incorporating the SANS technology into the curriculum has resulted in more spontaneous conversation and less rote question and answer activity between paired students.”

Language Teacher – IL

“Students at a lower level need more practice in listening and speaking. The SANS software allows that, and the teacher can give individual feedback the way she/he can’t in a regular classroom.”

Language Instructor – CA

“High quality teachers and well-functioning language lab technology together make for a winning combination in helping students to be successful on AP® exams.”

Instructional Specialist, International Languages – TX

“The technology provides efficiencies in preparing students for “real-world” communication in the target language. Students are not just getting classroom instruction and interaction, because they are able to use the language program to practice listening, speaking, reading, and conversational skills on a one-to-one basis.”

Language Professor – MD

“We see how our new SANS’ lab platform can alter our whole view on practicing conversation and spoken skills. We plan to have a new way to assess students, plus new skills we expect students to have by certain grade levels.”

K-12 Supervisor of World Languages – NJ