By teaching you will learn, by learning you will teach. — A Latin proverb. Right now, you may be thinking about how you may want to change, update, or retool your language classes in the new school year. This may be an opportune time to review and learn about some interesting ways you can do just that.

We’ve collected a few noteworthy resources and strategies that focus on connecting with today’s students and integrating authentic resources that are both meaningful and engaging.

The Power of a 45-Second Investment in Relationship Building

According to middle school teacher, Lindsey Kervan, a short, positive interaction with a student at the start of the school year can pay off all year long.  Read how Lindsey sets the tone for her classes and gets to know a little about each student upfront to ensure an inclusive and caring classroom environment.

Generation Z Students in the Language Classroom

Gen Z is truly a digital generation. It represents the most diverse population in U.S. history. They are motivated by practical learning with a purpose.  Language Testing International (LTI) highlights ways that language educators can engage Gen Z students with more personalized learning and the use of authentic media that connects language learning with relevant events and trends.

Connecting Technology to the Modes

This webinar (March 2023) is sponsored by the New York State Department of Education Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages (OBEWL).  It includes: How can we address communication goals in all modes using technology? How can we use social media and other authentic resources be used to inspire students and present culturally rich materials.? How can language acquisition and proficiency develop through the help of appropriate tech tools? Watch now.

The Skinny on Live Language Lab On-Demand

Have you ever considered a language lab teaching application? As part of the SANS Learning Link blog series, we take a look at how the LIVE Language Lab On-Demand can be an integral tool to engage students with authentic content, encourage interpersonal collaboration, and guide students with immediate feedback in any synchronous class, anytime, anywhere. You may be surprised how easy it is to reap the benefits of a modern language lab application – no dedicated space required – just a Chromebook, PC, or MAC OS device. 

Your Heritage Language is a Valuable Asset: Pass It On

It’s a fact, “One out of five people in the United States speaks a language other than English at home”. This is an insightful article from the Language Connects Foundation about the importance of heritage languages and how to encourage children to develop and maintain their home language.

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