Recent reports show that 52% of school districts around the country have remote learning exclusively, another 19% are using a blended learning model.

How-to make online teaching solutions most effective is critical given this landscape. Learning from some “crash and burn” teaching experiences this past spring, using a hodgepodge of apps or technology platforms retrofitted from business applications, school administrators, instructional technology specialists, and teaching staff are now seeking out solutions that align with subject-specific teaching practices and learning goals.

ACTFL Core Practices and Teaching Tools to Support Them

For World Languages, the American Council of Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL) outlines in detail core practices that focus on communication to build student proficiency. The problem is that most online technology platforms have not been developed with teaching tools for student L2 output and proficiency development. LIVE Language Lab On-Demand teaching platform is our answer to this dilemma.  Let’s look at some of the ACTFL core practices for effective language learning and see how to easily implement them remotely using the LIVE platform.

LIVE Language Lab On-Demand Teacher Interface
The teaching tools in LIVE Language Lab help to facilitate all modes of communication.

Facilitate Target Language Comprehensibility. Students and teachers speak, listen, read, write, view, and create in the target language 90% or more during classroom time: comprehensible input, contexts, and interactions.

This is simply achieved as soon as you and your students begin an online class with LIVE.  Everyone can speak and you may choose to speak to the whole class, individuals, or pairs and groups of students that have been chosen to work together.

Design Oral Interpersonal Communication Tasks. Teachers design and carry out interpersonal communication tasks for pairs, small groups, and whole-class instruction.

Using the LIVE platform, you can deliver interpersonal communication activities and easily (one-click) pair or group students for spontaneous speaking. Media and documents that support the curriculum can be shared with students in the LIVE class as well.

Provide Appropriate Oral Feedback. Oral corrective feedback is a tool for mediating learning and language development.

In a LIVE class, the teacher has the oversight to monitor and listen-in to individual students, pairs, or groups working together to provide immediate feedback.  Students are listening to the comments as they work so they can immediately self-assess, make corrections as necessary, then move forward.  During the remote LIVE class, student work can be recorded in a single step. You now have the flexibility to review and assess it anytime, from anywhere.

Customize Your Classes

In addition to supporting the Core Language Teaching Practices, LIVE Language Lab On-Demand includes a host of tools for teachers to individually mold course content and delivery.  If you are teaching remotely, in a blended setting, or even in a traditional 1:1 in-school classroom, LIVE offers interactive learning tools to increase speaking and engage students in active language learning.

Interested?  Want to Know More?

Our technology specialists can answer any questions and show you in detail how LIVE Language Lab On-Demand can help you keep L2 communication ongoing for all your students.

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