West Milford, NJ, November 2020

SANS Inc. Software and Network Solutions is now delivering its new LIVE Language Lab On-Demand, online language teaching platform, to world language programs at schools around the country. This latest instructional technology from SANS is designed to help language educators teach interactive classes focused on language acquisition through communication.

LIVE Language Lab supports in-person, remote, and blended learning models.  This instructional platform has been designed specifically for synchronous language classes.  Teachers and their students simply access LIVE Language Lab from a web-browser to begin a class in school, at home, or a combination of both.

LIVE Language Lab On-Demand Teacher Interface

Students benefit from more quality time communicating in the target language. Instructor support and oversight in real-time reinforces learning with immediate feedback for students.  The platform also includes tools to easily select student partners or groups for collaboration, manage lesson content, and do a one-step collection of student work for review and assessment anytime, anywhere.

According to Ron Remschel, SANS president, “We are confident about the advantages that the LIVE Language Lab platform brings today where learning models continue to fluctuate.  It provides a stable base for interactive language classes no matter where teachers and students are. Our long history of providing technology for the language education market has given us the insight to develop instructional tools that closely align with the communicative approach to language teaching. The LIVE platform facilitates engagement between language teachers and their students to maximize speaking time in class and build confidence.”

LIVE Language Lab On-Demand is now available in the United States and supported through the SANS Reseller Network.