When we think about “Sweet Sixteen” it usually involves a celebration of coming of age for a teenager’s 16th birthday, or for sports fans, it may suggest the Sweet 16 semi-final round the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament.  For SANS, it’s another milestone in working with language educators on technology integration to build language proficiency. Our business over the past sixteen years has been and continues to be focused on ways to increase daily L2 student communication in any language program.

Mark Goodin, our National Sales Manager had some thoughts on working at SANS and his experience over the past sixteen years. “I really enjoy working with such a talented group of people, all dedicated to providing world language educators with viable technology solutions to enhance and complement their curriculum.  It’s been so rewarding for me to be able to work directly with teachers to identify and convey their specific needs, and then see technology solutions created to meet them. I look forward to seeing SANS continue to grow and develop new interactive technology applications that only a company with an acute focus on language education can provide.”

Changing with the Times

As we move into year seventeen, we understand that technology continues to change at a rapid pace – we’ve seen the continued growth of 1:1 programs and the boom of Chromebooks™ in schools (accounting for nearly 60 percent of computers purchased for K-12 in 2018). Our SANSSpace LIVE browser-based interactive platform for language teachers and their students is geared for mobile learning.  With SANSSpace LIVE, students have access to a language lab in any classroom, upping the opportunity to build L2 communication skills during every class with the guidance of a teacher.

Thanks to the Language Education Community

At this juncture, we at SANS Inc. would like to thank all the language educators that have chosen to integrate our technology into their curriculum.  We also applaud the advocacy efforts of the world language education community at large. As a result of your work, 36 states and Washington, DC have adopted a statewide Seal of Biliteracy to date, and just recently  the State General Assembly in Rhode Island  passed legislation that “would mandate that the seal of biliteracy be awarded by the commissioner beginning with the class of 2020.”

Thank you!

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