How can a SANS language lab help students reach proficiency goals?

“We have presentational and interpersonal communication integrated throughout our curriculum, and the SANS Language Lab is helpful in assessing those skills.”

With the productivity tools in our LIVE Language Lab teaching application, teachers efficiently manage class activity giving students more time to develop interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational communication skills.

We have taken the “room” out of the language lab.

Now language educators are using our interactive, communication-based teaching tools every day in any synchronous language class, anywhere.

Lane Guzman, Spanish Teacher at Jefferson High School in GA explains how she uses LIVE Language Lab into her communication-focused classes. (2023)

A modern language lab application for synchronous classes

1:1 Application | Chromebook™, PC, Mac® | Browser-based for Anywhere Use

In school, remote, hybrid classes

Flexible Use
Adapts to any learning model.

Increase speaking activities

Partner and Group Students
Encourages conversation and negotiation of meaning.

Individual guidance

Monitor Each Student’s Progress in Class
Provide immediate feedback to motivate students and build confidence.

AP® testing

Practice & Administer Speaking Exams

Create prompts to simulate conversation and cultural comparison questions on standardized exams.

Assessment & feedback

Collect All Recordings Simultaneously for Assessment

Students can review their performance and self-correct to move forward.

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