LIVE Language Lab On-Demand

Easy-to-use, browser-based,  language lab technology platform; teachers increase target language production with interactive learning in-school, remote, or blended learning models.

LIVE language lab on-demand is helping language teachers to incorporate authentic media content into their classes, record student speaking, and monitor student progress to provide feedback.

Easily integrates into 1:1 programs – Chromebooks, PCs, MacBooks. Flexible for any learning scenario.

Virtuoso™ Digital Language Lab Technology

The Virtuoso™ and Soloist® digital language lab software platform provides tools for teachers to effectively communicate with students, manage class flow, and develop and deliver interactive lessons and activities to build student target language communication skills in any language – World Languages, ASL & ESL.

Use the Virtuoso technology in a multi-purpose technology lab, a dedicated language lab space, or in a wireless environment.