SANSSpace™ LIVE Virtual Language Lab Enables More Flexible Language Learning

November 17, 2015, North Branford, CT

SANS Inc., Software and Network Solutions, has announced the introduction of SANSSpace™ LIVE, a live interactive virtual environment to support anytime, anywhere synchronous language learning. It will be highlighted this week at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Conference in San Diego, CA.

With SANSSpace LIVE, language teachers can now hold interactive language lab sessions with their students in any classroom or anywhere, any day or every day. This technology negates the paradigm of a language lab being only in a fixed space at a fixed time and only usable by one class at a time. Students and teachers can log-in to a class wherever they are and interact with each other in real-time.

World languages and ESL programs in 1 to 1 and BYOD schools using mobile devices, including tablets and Chromebooks™, can benefit with more time for student development of L2 communication skills and competencies with instructor oversight and control to pace and guide students. The platform also includes tools to manage attendance and lesson content, easily select student pairs for collaboration, and do one-step, time-saving collection of student work for review and assessment anytime, anywhere.

According to Ron Remschel, SANS president, “We are very excited about the new opportunities that the SANSSpace LIVE platform will bring for language educators and their students. Understanding the increased focus on student-centered learning and the use of mobile devices in education, the development of SANSSpace LIVE was a logical next step in our technology portfolio. SANS’ long history as a language learning technology developer has afforded us in-depth knowledge of the types of activities that language teachers use to help their students better negotiate meaning and communicate in the target language; we have taken that knowledge and developed a mobile interactive environment to give teachers more flexibility to accomplish those goals.”

SANSSpace LIVE will be shown at the ACTFL Conference in San Diego in Booth #1120, November 20-22, 2015.

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